Covid Guide: Returning to the workplace

Government advice is still to allow home working where possible, but there is recognition that some businesses now require people to physically be in a workplace in order to fully or partially re-open, that being the case there are steps to follow and considerations to be undertaken.

Many workers will be concerned and anxious about being in the workplace or travelling there. They will want to know that their organisation is retaining their support for physical and mental health and its current thinking about flexible and remote working.

First and foremost, you must ensure your premises are “covid-19 compliant”, as an employer you have a responsibility to make sure your premises are safe for people to return to and work in. Our free Covid-19 Returning to work guide & Risk Assessment Checklist will help you to communicate the practical measures you are taking to staff on a regular basis to reassure them that their health, well-being and safety is your top priority. It will also help make sure employees are clear about what rules and procedures they should follow both in the workplace and at home, especially if they begin to feel unwell.

Download: Covid-19 Guide: Returning to the workplace (pdf)
Download: Covid-19 Workplace Risk Assessment (pdf)

There is a lot of guidance on what employees and employers can do, the following government site is a useful starting place -


Covid19 Social Distance Sign