It takes two to tango

Everyone knows the current recruitment market favours those people who are looking for a new role; however, history tells us markets change and a swing the other way could easily cause disruption to job seekers.

Many a post has been shared about job seekers treating recruiters and hiring managers badly, whilst companies complain about the actions of job seekers.


This serves no purpose and ends up alienating people and giving recruitment a bad name.


 As the saying goes “it takes two to tango”, here are some tips from both sides from your recruitment experts at Rainbow HR. 


 Job seekers

  • Before applying, think carefully if you can do the job, do you have the experience and/or qualifications required?
  • Always send/upload the latest copy of your CV with your current or last role listed (many people send CV’s that can be as much as 12 months out of date)
  • Do you want the job?, only apply for roles you would take if offered rather than applying for things just for the sake of it.
  • Is the salary offered what you are comfortable with?
  • Can you actually get to where the job is based?
  • Keep a note of roles applied for, it is also a good idea to print off or save the advert/job description for future reference.
  • If you are no longer looking, withdraw your application/notify the recruiter.
  • Respond to emails/calls from the recruiter.
  • If you agree to attend an interview (physical or virtual) then please attend or advise the recruiter if you are withdrawing/need to re-schedule.



  • Make job adverts easy to read and clear, do not ask for qualifications/experience for the sake of it.
  • List essential criteria clearly.
  • Acknowledge applications where possible (job boards/ATS allow you to this easily).
  • Advise if unsuccessful, even a standard rejection email is better than ignoring.
  • If an interview has taken place (either with you or the client) then feedback should be provided, at the very least a decision must be communicated.
  • Exhaust internal applications first rather than disappoint external candidates after weeks of interviews and waiting.
  • Do not make low ball offers below the original stated salary “just because”
  • Do not have numerous interviews spaced weeks apart, agree what the process is, who will be involved, the timescales – AND STICK TO THIS.
  • Make allowances if you are conducting Zoom/Teams interviews.
  • Consider flexible/hybrid working request.
  • If the role is filled or withdrawn, communicate to any candidates still in the pipeline and take the role down from job boards and websites, if using an agency ensure they remove it also rather than allowing it to be “live” simply to attract candidates.

 Tolerance and understanding from both sides is needed, particularly in the current market.

Job seekers/agencies/employers can work together to make the recruitment and hiring process a more pleasurable experience for all concerned.

 What are your tips to make things better?