The Great Resignation debate rumbles on, so should job seekers be feeling smug?

According to the recent CIPD Labour Market Outlook 2021, recruitment difficulties have increased.

The percentage of employers with vacancies that are now deemed harder to fill increased from 39% to 47% this quarter (Autumn 2021). Meanwhile, the average number of applications for low-skilled vacancies has dropped to 16 from 20.

This means roles are harder to fill and less people are applying.

Encouragingly though, employers are responding to these challenges through positive action such as raising wages (47%), upskilling staff (44%), hiring more apprentices (27%) and improving job quality (20%).

So, this all means job seekers can take a relaxed look at the market, be ultra-picky over roles and take their time when looking for a new role?

Wrong, savvy employers are catching on and the hiring process is shortening, they are paying better money and improving conditions and benefits to attract staff, all of this means you really cannot afford to delay when searching for a new role, the other headwind is the traditional “new year/new role” surge when job seekers traditionally up their search game – this will increase competition.

At Rainbow HR we are hearing and seeing people losing out as they wait too long to apply and then find the role has ended early or spend time weighing up offers only to find the doors closing as employers want quick decisions to secure talent.

Apply now, keep your options open by all means but don’t sit back and regret being late to the party and lose out on a potentially great move because you felt spoiled for choice.

You will soon be sick of “New Year – New Career” posts in January – get ahead of the game, start applying, secure your new role now, sit back, enjoy your Christmas whilst watching the mad scrum in 2022.

Hiring Managers are you making quicker offers?

Recruiters are you encouraging clients to move quicker on decisions?